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Information Technology Liability

Information Technology Liability

The ever increasing reliance on technology by business and consumers has driven growth in the IT sector but that reliance on technology means the companies that provide those technologies are increasingly vulnerable to legal actions for alleged non-performance, failure to deliver and a whole host of other liabilities.

The global nature of the IT sector also means that technology providers are exposed to risk both at home and in jurisdictions around the globe.

LIU understands the increasing risks technology providers face and now offers truly integrated, comprehensive cover that helps to protect your clients against a broad range of third party claims and related exposures: 

Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O) Insurance Policy

This is an annual policy providing claims-made cover for a range of financial loss claims resulting from the performance of Information Technology Services or the provision of Information Technology Products.

Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O) Insurance Policy for IT Projects

This unique multi-year policy has been created to provide cover for specific IT projects. LIU can offer policy periods up to 72 months with a maximum project development period of 36 months.

Combined General & Products Liability (CGL) Insurance Policy

This is an annual policy providing occurrence-based cover for personal injury and property damage claims.

LIU's IT Liability insurance products are tailored for the IT industry and feature broad worldwide cover supported by experienced underwriters and high quality risk management and claims handling services.

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