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Aviation products

Aviation All Risks

Liberty Aviation provides worldwide Aviation insurance coverage. 

We specialise in medium-sized passenger and cargo airlines, including start-up operations, and General Aviation (both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing) for private and commercial aircraft, and we have the ability to offer a lead capacity across all classes.

At a glance:

  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • Capacity to offer lead capacity across all classes
  • Classes of business:
    • Hull and Liability (Airlines) – focus on medium-sized passenger/cargo airlines and start ups 
    • Hull and Liability (General Aviation) – Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing; private and commercial aircraft 
    • Contingent All Risks – helps protect banks, financial institutions and investors’ interests in aircraft, including total loss only coverage
  • Capacity: US$11m for Hull; US$110m for Liability.
Aviation War

Liberty Aviation is a well-established team that offers coverage to the world’s airlines against terrorist attack, hijacking, sabotage and confiscation. Recognised as one of the key lead markets by Lloyd’s of London for Aviation War risks, we underwrite a global portfolio across the broad spectrum of the aviation industry. 

Our Aviation War book also covers a wide spectrum of non-airline risks ranging from commercial helicopters to business jets, and we have the capacity to cover risks either on a subscription basis or on a 100%-risk basis. 

At a glance:

  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • Classes of business: 
    • physical loss or damage to aircraft
    • aircraft spares
    • confiscation by government or registry
    • Excess Third Party War Liabilities
    • Contingent Hull War
    • Excess Aggregate
  • Coverage of a range of non-airline risks 
  • Capacity to write either on a subscription basis or 100% of the risk 
  • Capacity: US$35m for subscription market; US$10m for 100%-written risks.
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